Posted by: Janice | October 5, 2007

Street Spirit (Fade Out)

I first saw this video several days ago, and since then, I’ve simply not been able to stop watching it, over and over and over again. It is rather embarrassing to admit, but I haven’t heard Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” until I came across this video, and to hear the music for the first time while watching these images is nothing short of mind-blowing. The song is a simple one, and it is beautiful, dark, unbearably melancholic. The montage of black and white pushes the music beyond a sense of despair to this place of mystery. I find it moving in the way the best dance performances are – capturing what we so often fail to articulate in words. We really are in this together, this seeing/touching/feeling human experience. Thom Yorke falls backwards off a trailer in slow motion, while lightning flashes overhead. Three women run towards each other, then jump into mid-air, their arms and legs outstretched, their black shrouds floating. A man sits quietly while white feathers fall and slowly settle around him; another man sits while a dark liquid drips slowly off his head. As Thom Yorke sings, we see his face in fading transitions, and its as if he is falling apart inside. Until the end. When he stops singing “fade out again”, and instead sings plaintively, “immerse your soul in love, immerse your soul in love”.


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