Posted by: Janice | November 8, 2007

Space Lab

Every other Tuesday, we have Space Lab class with Darren . In his classes, we explore structure and space by making things with our own hands. For example, we spent the first class with him trying to build perfect domes with sugar cubes. We had glue guns and sandpaper and knives and everything, but discovered that when it comes to building domes efficiently, the Eskimos definitely win. Hands down.

Two Saturdays ago, Darren had led us on a walking tour of some major landmarks in London, including the River Thames, London Eye, Parliament, and Trafalgar Square. After the tour, he surprised us with an assignment: create a model of one of those spaces using only found objects. We presented these in class on Tuesday:


guiliana_londoneye.jpg The London Eye


trafalgar_square.jpg Trafalgar Square


memorial_to_war_women.jpg The Memorial for War Women


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