Posted by: Janice | May 31, 2008


Two weeks ago, I went to Budapest to visit my good friend Greg from Swarthmore. He had just finished his studies at the Institute for Dance Arts in Linz, Austria, and had been commissioned to create a dance piece in Budapest. He ended up collaborating with a local video artist for two months, creating an improvisation-based performance. Though I didn’t get to see the final showing, I did get to watch a run-through. A sort of meditation on gender as manifest in movement, childhood, the big issues that we are bombarded with from the media, and how it could very easily collude into a meaningless deluge unless we process it willfully, it was an interesting, and eclectic piece. Very Greg, in other words. It was wonderful to watch him dance, and to see what has changed in him after Swarthmore and his training at IDA.

Here are some photographs from the trip:

The courtyard of Greg’s apartment building


One of the many pictures I took of the streets of Budapest

A beautiful day on the Danube

A secret garden

Fried sweet cheese balls

The Fisherman’s Bastion

View of the Danube from on high

Guardian angels in St. Mattius Church

The National Archive

A Wailing Mary

The Eagle overlooking Castle Hill

A view of the Parliament

Szechenyi Bridge

From the tower of the Basilica of St. Iztvan

Inside the Basilica

Szimpla Kert Bar

Buying spinach


Site of secret police in both Nazi and Stalinist Regimes

The Jewish Quarter

Great Synagogue

A view of the parliament from the river bank

The metro

Awesome green onions

A carousel built in 1906

The Applied Arts Museum


The National Opera House

Taking the train to the airport


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